First “Lulu” reviews

First reviews are in for Lulu at the Wiener Festwochen and Katrin Wundsam in her role debut as Garderobiere and Gymnasiast: "… the Gymnasiast, Katrin Wundsam, who, however, created a vocal showpiece out of her small scene, a moment of art of differentiation and articulation... ." Wilhelm Sinkovicz, Die Presse "At this point, Lulu's charisma is so great that even a young high school student falls for her. At first he naively thinks he can free Lulu from her fate of imprisonment. And Katrin Wundsam embodies this youthful naivety wonderfully. Her mezzo is bursting with energy and has a kind of youthful purity. Yes, there he comes to mind again, the pure fool from Parsifal, only that this fool right here is about to shed all purity. ... Ms. Wundsam is an asset to the evening and also covers this facet of the spectrum that Lulu falls victim to excellently. Brava, bravissima for this totally remarkable performance!§ E.A.L., Der Neue Merker [Photo: Rittershaus]


Press review “Rusalka” in Wiesbaden

Reviews are out for Rusalka at the Staatstheater Wiesbaden, starring Katrin Wundsam in the double role of Ježibaba and The Foreign Princess: "... demonic contours can also be experienced by the characterfully triumphant mezzo-soprano Katrin Wundsam in the double role of the witch and princess" Axel Zibulski, FAZ   “... the convincing mezzo-soprano Katrin Wundsam...” Judith von Sternburg, Frankfurter Rundschau   “... the versatile mezzo-soprano Katrin Wundsam...” Volker Milch, Wiesbadener Kurier   "A courageous "stroke of genius" by director and performer is the merging of the roles of Ježibaba and the Foreign Princess. Katrin Wundsam takes the risk of singing both roles, expanding her vocal range from mezzo-soprano to soprano. Her stimulating low register, in addition to the necessary vocal range for both roles, enables her to act devilishly, powerfully glowing as a witch. As a foreign princess, she is also the personification of human doubt, of a decadent, glamorous civilization, i.e. a direct antagonist to Rusalka. Contrary to his coldness, she tries to seduce the prince with hot embers, but ultimately fails to do so. Through this idea of the stage director, she can directly experience the failure of Rusalka, civilization and nature, pursuing her evil plan... Wundsam inspires with effortlessly achieved top notes, with moving intensity, with diabolical and erotic charisma." Ingrid Freiberg, IOCO   [Photo: Karl&Monika Forster]


Interview with Opera Lounge

The German Opera Lounge magazine has published an interview with Katrin Wundsam about about Rusalka at the Staatstheater Wiesbaden, plans for new roles, her time at the Cologne Opera, the Wallernhof and her opera recording for a desert island. Here is the link:


Das Opernglas: Interview in January issue

The German magazine Das Opernglas published a beautiful 4 pages interview with Katrin Wundsam in their January issue. Katrin Wundsam speaks about her upcoming double role as Ježibaba and The Foreign Princess in Rusalka at the Staatstheater Wiesbaden, enlarging her repertoire towards roles such as Fricka and Brangäne, the Wallernhof and much more. Link to the magazine's January issue:


Video interview with Bühne magazine

Katrin Wundsam spoke with the Austrian Bühne magazine ahead of her star turn in the title role of Kreisler's Heute Abend: Lola Blau at the Theater an der Wien.


Interview with Der Neue Merker

With Der Neue Merker, Katrin Wundsam spoke about Kreisler's Heute Abend: Lola Blau, the production at Theater an der Wien, future plans, dream roles and more. Link to the interview: